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Rules & Regulations

Chemists College of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research

General Rules & 


  1. Students should be prompt and punctual.

  2. They should be clean and decorous in dress, language and behavior.

  3. Students should keep with them text books and note books required for class they attend.

  4. Ragging is prohibited by law . Students shall not indulge in any such activities.

  5. No students shall enter or leave a class when a session is in progress without permission of the teacher.

  6. Students are expected to wear their uniform and identity badges while in the campus.

  7. They are advised  to check the college notice board daily.

  8. Political activity or any kind is banned in the campus.

  9. Students shall prudently avoid bad company, which leads to failure in study, character and life.

  10. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the campus . Teachers can impound such mobile phones in case of violation .

  11. Student's vehicle will be allowed only up to the designated  parking area.

  12. No member shall throw any waste material on the ground or floor, but shall drop them in waste baskets and bins provided for the purpose.

  13. Separate common rooms and toilets are provided for ladies and gents. They are strongly directed to use only the toilet and directed allotted them separately . They can use the class/common rooms allotted for them for taking meals. Verandas and stair case should not be used for that purpose.

  14. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students bringing outsiders to the college campus without prior permission of the principal.

  15. Students are forbidden  to organize or attend any meeting in the college campus, circulated any notice or petition of any kind , display posters, banners or boards , use mega phones/ loud speakers  and paste or write any thing in the college campus and premises without the permission of the principal. No students, on any account, shall make chalk or pencil marks or drawing on walls , black board and furniture.

  16. All students are bound to obey   the rules, regulations and instructions given by the principal and maintain the decorum of the institution.

  17. Attendance is marked at the commencement of the class. Late comers therefore though permitted to attend the classes by the teacher concerned, will not be given attendance.

  18. Every students must wear neat lab coats and have the prescribed laboratory records, dissecting instruments, weight box, weighing bottle etc.

  19. Use of internet by the students in the campus is expected to be for their academic enrichment .

  20. Attendance is inevitable on the occasion of co-circular or extra-curricular activities. In case of absence, their parents should report the matter directly to the authorized concerned.

Library Rules & 

  1. Students should strictly adhere following rules while they are in the library.

  2. Strict discipline and silence are to be observed in the Library.

  3. Students should enter their name and sign the entry register kept at the entrance before entering the library.

  4. Each user would be provided with library cards for issue of books.

  5. No bags, personal books or notebooks will be allowed in the library. A single sheet of paper can be used for taking notes.

  6. Students should not wear apron in the library. 

  7. Issue of books for home – Each student would be issued two books at a time for a period of ten days.

  8. Reissue of books by a user may be allowed maximum twice more after first issue.

  9. Borrowed books should be returned on or before the due date. If a book is not returned within the stipulated time, a fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged.

  10. The student will be held responsible for any damage to the borrowed books.

  11. If an issued book is lost by the student, then the same should be replaced with the latest edition.

  12. The "No dues certificate" will be issued only after returning all the borrowed books and clearing the fine amount, if any.

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